I lost my left calf in an IED blast while in Afghanistan operating with SEAL Team 2.  I now have to wear an IDEO brace to do anything other than walk, DL, or squat. I am the 3 time WWG Champion and until this Arnold event I haven’t found any motivation to train hard through the winter so thanks for getting me off my ass after the WWG’s lol.


What does Team SAR mean to you?

For me this event is a perfect cap to an amazing 3 years. I was blown up in Afghanistan by an IED 3 years ago and lost my left calf. I thought my operational life in the Navy was over and my life in fitness was also in serious jeopardy. I’ve always been active and performed on the highest level at any endeavor I focused on. That was lost… Then I met Adaptive Athletes doing some unbelievable things with worse injures than myself, motivation…check! I’ve gone on to win the Working Wounded Games 3 times and now I’ve been asked to be on Team SAR for the Arnold weekend to compete at an RX event against able bodied athletes. Honored, humbled, excited, motivated, these are just a few of the emotions fueling me for this March throw down! Bring that S#$t!