Why is Nicole apart of Team SAR?

My accident occurred March 16, 2006. Total freak accident, I was on my way home, only going about 15 mph when I bent down to pick something off the floor of my car when my car hit a decorative median in the area of where I worked at the time. I didn’t notice any injuries until I tried to get out of my car and felt the side of my ankle touching the ground, it was bent at a 90 degree angle. I had shattered my talus bone (ball of my ankle). When I went for my first appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon he gave me a list of potential complications that could happen as a result of my injury. Over the course of the next 6 years and 6 surgeries later, pretty much every single one of these complications happened to me. When my surgeon told me he wanted to take everything out and start again I knew that was not the road for me. I told him I wanted to amputate my foot. I wanted to take control of my life again since I missed out on pretty much all of my 20’s. This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. It took about 6 months of researching, discussing and soul searching to convince everyone around me that this was the right choice. So January 17, 2012 I went through with my decision, which I have never looked back from.

How did Nicole get into CrossFit?

I always knew going through my amputation my goal was to one day be physically active again. Growing up I was extremely active with basketball, cross country, and track. I had heard of crossfit through one of my best friends who had been training for over 3 years. She mentioned working out with a gentleman who was a bilateral BKA, and thought this would be right up my ally. I dove right into looking up everything I could about the sport and stumbled upon the Working Wounded Games. Seeing so many athletes with injuries like mine, and ones that dwarf mine in comparison lit a fire in me, I wanted to do this now, like right now. After looking at gyms in my area I ended up at Buckeye Crossfit. I love my gym. They are supportive in my training, push me to work hard, and help with the goals I want to accomplish. Crossfit has given me strength, confidence, and a second family.

What Does Team SAR mean to Nicole?

I would love for someone watching Team SAR competing this year to say, I can do this too. Whether they are adaptive for just a regular joe. If I can motivate evenĀ  just one person to live a more active and healthy life that would be amazing. Also- if I can show someone about to go through with an amputation, or are still trying to wrap their brain about a new one that their life isn’t over. That they can have a new, strong, amazing life that is in their control. I know how scary, and unpredictable life feels like when you are going through recovery. You can do this, I am doing this.