Who is Mike?

Mike McDonough comes to Team Some Assembly Required from Eleventh Element Crossfit in Hilliard, Ohio.  Mike’s journey to this team began when he was eleven years-old.   He was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease in both his right and left legs.  Doctors told Mike that he should no longer continue playing sports.  Never one to shy away for adversity, Mike continued playing sports while soldiering the pain of his disease.  Over time, the pain and limited mobility intensified.  Twenty two after his diagnosis and fifteen surgeries later, Mike was living in debilitating pain and was not able to live the active lifestyle he yearned for.  In March 2010, Mike had his right leg amputated below the knee to alleviate his pain, and allow him to reclaim his life.

How did Mike start CrossFit?

After Mike recovered from surgery and adapted to his prosthetic leg, he began to make strides towards living the active life he had only dreamed of.  He began training and competing in triathlons.  While Mike enjoyed this, he felt like he was always looking for the next challenge.  It was then that he found CrossFit.  There were many doubters that did not think Mike would be able to physically do the CrossFit workouts.  Mike used these doubters as motivation and set to prove them wrong.  It was then that Mike found his passion in CrossFit.  When Mike’s alarm goes off at 4:45 am for his 5:15 workout, he is motivated to get out of bed because he is doing something that he loves and that pushes and challenges him.  By joining Team Some Assembly Required, he hopes to inspires others to overcome their adversities and find their passions.