What Motivates Marcus?

8 1/2 year Army wounded vet, “Jersey Born, Army Made, Florida Chillin”… Military Police Officer and Specialized Search Dog Handler (K9). Injured on July 29, 2010 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan while attached to 3rd Team, Special Operations Task Force. Had moderate TBI, severe injury to left eye, and above knee amputation. Medially retired July 25, 2012. Married to the beautiful Elizabeth Hayward and father to the wonderful Macayle Hayward.
Being the best I can be motivates me, since my injuries, I’ve become stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever. I plan to continue this lifestyle forever, to be around for my family and to push the “limits” of my injuries to far beyond what is expected!

Why is Marcus apart of Team SAR?

Being apart of Team Some Assembly Required is both a huge honor and responsibility. A challenge that is great and fulfilling. I hope that some kid, adult or however that is out their thinking of giving up stumbles upon not just myself but the entire team and something sparks a fuse in them to keep going and push beyond their limits. That’s what I want most from this group of extraordinary people, to empower others!!!